1. Persistence of Sexual Desire (a poem)

    Others desist,

    but these bodies persist,

    Or is it their minds,

    that move move them so?

    With insistent work and play,

    expectations unallayed,

    They flay desire

    to make it work.

    But it cries out

    to them.

    Moderation is on vacation,

    and they take this pleasure cruise alone.

    To the great ship, Desire.

    their bodies and minds are bound.


    We watch from a distance

    we are



    we are



    we are








    there is






    Paul Dolinsky, I do portraits in verse, erotic and non erotic. I have books for sale on Amazon and Lulu


    Did someone dye my hair black?

    She’s my twin in the smile department.

    And him….that body…the way he is smelling her hair…


    Happy sex is my favorite kind!

    (Source: adirtyfantasy, via eroticpoems)

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